Equip Onsite – Part 1

Wycliffe USA Headquarters

Wycliffe USA Headquarters

After a 30-hour journey from DFW, we arrived at Wycliffe USA very late last night to begin Equip Onsite.  We’ll be here for 2 weeks training with several other singles and families, all preparing for service in the next two years. The drive was fun and excruciating in turns; check out our pictures on Facebook.

The Center here in Orlando is fantastic. Built on only a small part of the 815 acre property, there’s plenty of space to expand! Currently there’s a Discovery Center, Wycliffe USA headquarters building, Wycliffe Associates headquarters building, an RV park, activities center, and guest apartments. They’ve provided for us a ground-level 3-bedroom apartment while we’re here, and it’s beautiful. It’s fully furnished and very well laid out for what we need. We’ve already raided the Publix down the road, so we’re pretty set up.

This afternoon we’ll meet with the kids’ teachers, eat dinner with all our new colleagues, and attend an opening meeting (with kids in childcare).  Tomorrow orientation will continue (we get a tour!), and then we’ll be hitting it hard all week.

Might have forgotten baby spoons

Silas eating bananas




Please pray that the Mini Man will get feeling better. He’s well now, but his bottom front teeth are coming in with a vengeance, so he’s pretty grumpy. He’s eating well but not sleeping very well.  The discomfort wakes him up pretty often.





Nap time

Judah and Zeke sleeping


Zeke has a hard time when he’s not well rested. It exacerbates his general frustration with his inability to communicate, and the result is pretty unpleasant for everyone.  Pray that he gets the rest he needs and that he adapts to a new situation well.


Judah is also pretty beat from the trip, but he’s napping great now. Please pray that his reactions would be calm, that he’d be patient and loving with the little guys, and that his sweet spirit would be encouraged.


Evie and Abel’s room


Abel has already mentioned a couple times that ‘living in an apartment isn’t very much fun.’ He’s just missing his stuff – please pray that this will be a great experience leading him to appreciate family. Pray that he will be excited to learn and try new things.


This girl has been excited about this trip. Her attitude at any given moment trickles down to all the boys, so please pray that she’ll be positive and encouraging. Also that she’ll make great new friends that will help her look forward to our assignment.



These are the faces of naptime bliss



We’re so excited to be here!  Pray that our minds would be open to what we need to learn and process, that we’d be at peace with the childcare arrangements, and that our desire for reaching Bibleless people would be deepened.

That’s all for today – feel free to leave a comment below with any prayers or encouragement for us – they’re needed and greatly appreciated!


  1. Mike and Jennifer · · Reply

    We love you all and continue to pray for you. Thank you for this blog, it helps us know how to pray specifically for the two of you and all the littles.


  2. Aunt MiMi · · Reply

    We love you guys! Praying for you two and those sweet kiddos. 🙂


  3. Praying for wellness in the Wade family, rest for all (and I mean ALL) of you, and great preparation for your journey! I get excited just at the thought of watching it unfold!


  4. Sandra & Lou · · Reply

    Thank you for the terrific update! We love hearing of y’all’s adventures. We continue to lift you up in our prayers.
    Our love to all,
    Sandra & Lou


  5. Glad to know you all made it safely! Praying all goes well! Loved the pics!


  6. Sharon Barber · · Reply

    Blessings on the whole family. Being where God wants you is the best place to be anytime. Go Wade family!


  7. Susan and Isaac Dalton · · Reply

    WOW! We’re so excited for all of you. Your kids will never forget this time in their little lives. You are both such an example of great parents following God’s plan for their lives. We especially loved reading about Evie’s positive attitude. 🙂 She’s been like that since day one, hasn’t she? Love you all! Susan and Isaac


  8. Thank you all, sweet friends. We’re definitely feeling your prayers!


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