Quick Answers to Prayer!

When God’s people ask Him to move, it’s amazing to be able to watch it happen before your very eyes.  Monday morning we sent a newsletter asking you to pray with us for two immediate needs we had – that our work permits would be approved soon and that the Lord would provide a few more financial partners so that the budget needs of our Wycliffe ministry would be met.  Well, this morning we’re pleased to let you know that both those needs have been met!  Actually within 15 minutes of the newsletter going out Monday morning, our financial goal was satisfied, and by the end of the day we were well above it!  Then just this morning we saw an email from PNG that our work permits had gone through and we can apply to the PNG embassy in Washington for our travel visas.  Praise the Lord, and thank you to all who prayed!

We’re so thankful for you friends and loved ones who are supporting Team Wade.  This is truly a blessed way to do ministry!  Please know that it’s our family’s privilege to support you in prayer as you are supporting us, so we’d love for you to let us know when you have needs we can be praying for with you.

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  1. Susan Dalton · · Reply

    Gotta have a picture of you sweet people to remind me to pray continually. Love you all.


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