March 2018 Update

We pray that each of you are remaining steadfast in your faith. We are just coming out of our village, Sivauna, after being there since January. God was indeed present with us and strengthened us to move forward in Bible translation. On a few weekends, Aaron and two of the Mamusi translators hiked to other villages to raise awareness and support for the Bible translation project. One major goal that was accomplished on these trips was the formation of the brand new Mamusi Bible Translation Committee.  This is a group of men and women from five different villages who will lead the way in supporting the translation work with fundraising, awareness, and vision. One reason this is crucial is because their language has only been oral until now. Wrapping their minds around reading their language, writing their language, and seeing Holy Scriptures translated into their language will be a long process. They are finishing their meetings at our village house this weekend and then returning back to their villages. Please pray for this group to be unified and resolute in moving forward in their roles. The Lord is spreading excitement and vision for Bible translation out to neighboring villages and you help to make this happen through your partnership!

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen that Rebekah had a medical emergency in the village and had to be evacuated to Ukarumpa, our headquarters in the highlands. Our organization was quick to respond and has taken excellent care of her every need. We are so thankful for people who have come to Papua New Guinea to serve as medical, aviation, and other supporting personnel. Our administration, support teams and friends in Ukarumpa have made this sudden transition go as smoothly as possible. Our good friends, the McIntires, in Kokopo, agreed to take the kids for us, so Evie, Abel, Judah, Zeke, and Silas (along with our visitor, Cassidy McIntire) were on a flight two days after Rebekah, headed in the opposite direction towards our friends’ loving home in Kokopo. This has been a sudden transition for each family member so please keep us and the McIntire family in your prayers during this last week of separation. 

So what’s next? After meetings with the new Mamusi Translation Committee, Aaron will begin the tedious process of packing up the village house, so it can sit empty for a while. On Wednesday (March 14), a plane will carry Rebekah from Ukarumpa, stop to pick up Aaron, the cat, and some cargo from the village, then take them both to Kokopo to join the children. Very quickly after the sweet reunion, the next Luke Partnership module will begin!  This is a four-week training course for Papua New Guinea translators from six different languages scattered around the islands.  Please pray for everyone involved in this intensive course. May God continue to get the glory as His Word is being heard and understood in these languages for the first time. 

The Wade family is ever grateful for your prayers, financial partnership, and encouragement. You are loved! 

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