Wade Journey Wednesday: Mamusi Translation Team

Friends, today the last four-week classroom session of the Luke Partnership Project began in Kokopo. We are grieved to be missing it, but we know the Lord has us here for this year Stateside, and we completely trust his plan. This is the first time we have not traveled from Sivauna to Kokopo with the translators, and we’ve been praying for God to make their way straight before them.

We haven’t been able to get in touch with any of our Mamusi friends since November, but we heard from colleagues last night that the Mamusi team has not yet made it to Kokopo, but that the course leadership is hopeful they will arrive on next weekend’s boat. The area is experiencing stormy weather and rough seas, impeding travel for many of the teams who arrive by boat.

On this Wade Journey Wednesday, please join us in praying fervently for God to make a way for Oscar, Jack, and Nick to travel safely from Sivauna to Kokopo in order to continue the important work He has called them to. Pray as they leave their families and responsibilities, wrap up work on the Gospel of Luke, and work through scripting for the JESUS Film this month.  Pray that even now God would be speaking to people through His Word and soon through Luke and the JESUS Film in Mamusi.



    Hi Aaron/Rebekah!

    We will definitely pray for the team’s safety in traveling to Kokopo. Are your plans still to return in July?

    David Littlefield


    1. Yes sir! Looking at the very end of July.


  2. Donald & Barbara Courtley · · Reply

    Praying with you for your Mamusi Team as they do the work you have mentioned. Also praying for you and your family as you prepare to return.
    Blessings & Love,
    The Courtleys


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