Wade Journey Wednesday: Praying for Sivauna

Our hearts are heavy tonight, friends. After not hearing anything from our Mamusi friends in many months, we were excited to get a text this afternoon from Jack, one of the Mamusi translators. But then we were devastated to learn why he was reaching out. Jack had just gotten word that our waspapa (adopted father figure who looked out for us) from our village, Sivauna, passed away yesterday. We are deeply grieved at his passing and it’s difficult knowing that we can’t be there with our friends and adopted family to celebrate his life. Papa Lawrence was a sweet and fierce soul who had the kindness to adopt us into his family. He was a pillar of the community and served as the catechist of the parish for many years. We can’t articulate how much we learned from him – culturally, linguistically, and relationally. He was one of the few people who had the courage to tell us when we were doing something culturally inappropriate (which was pretty often). We have smiled at many memories and cried about what will no longer be. We’re reminded how short life is, and how grateful we are for eternity. Please pray for Mama Rosa, the newest widow in Sivauna, their children, and their many grandchildren. Please pray for the church community of Sivauna as they grieve. Our hearts are aching for each of them.

You may have seen or read reports about a volcanic eruption Papua New Guinea a few days ago. It did happen on our part of New Britain Island, but on the other coast, so there shouldn’t be major effects in Sivauna. Please remember the hundreds in the affected area who have been displaced from their homes.

Thank you for praying with us for Aaron’s back the past several weeks. He has seen great improvement and has been blessed by generous help from several doctors in our area, as well as prayer support and encouragement from many of you!

There’s more good news to share, but we’re going to save it for another week. Thank you for praying for us as we process and grieve this loss. You are a blessing, and we’re grateful for you.


  1. Jerra Balkon · · Reply

    Praying for everyone and all. So sorry for your loss.


  2. Jana Harwell · · Reply

    So sorry to hear about this! Praying for your safety and God’s protection.


  3. Richard and Frances Chester · · Reply

    😥 So sorry about Papa Lawrence. What a precious man he must have been for you and all of Sivauna. Praying healing for all. ❤


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