Wade Journey Wednesday: God Provides!

Many of you will have already heard, but we just can’t help writing about this. Having learned of our desire to have a vehicle in the village to be able to greatly expand our reach in the Mamusi area, as well as provide reliable transportation for our family, our home church challenged the children during VBS week to raise enough money to buy it for us. We had the delightful opportunity of sharing with every single elementary group about our ministry. The Lord moved in a huge way that week, and the kids exceeded the goal by several thousand dollars! So we will now be able to purchase an excellent used vehicle after we return to Kokopo in a few weeks, and there are some other exciting things we’re looking at being able to do as well!

Join us in celebrating God’s abundant provision! What an amazing demonstration of how He loves to lavish good gifts on us through His people! We were deeply encouraged to watch children and our church family not only give generously, but genuinely get excited about God’s work among the Mamusi people. We look forward to experiencing how God will use this vehicle to share the Jesus film and the gospel of Luke with many more villages. Only He knows what is to come. We’re so grateful to be a part of a faith family who loves their missionaries so deeply and tangibly. Thank you, First Baptist Concord!

The Lord continues to graciously provide for our family. Many of you have asked if we need anything else before we go. You can check out our Amazon wish list if you’d like to help with some last-minute things. Thank you for being a part of our journey!



    Hi Aaron/Rebekah!

    What a praise – isn’t God good! We continue to pray for your safety as you travel. Let us know as soon as you arrive. Our love to all!

    David Littlefield


  2. Becky Gilbert · · Reply

    Prayers for all of you on your journey. Love your family. We love following your stories and updates on his God is using all of you.


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