Wade Journey Thursday: A New House

Hello friends,

We wanted to thank you for praying with us over logistics and emotions as we seek the Lord’s guidance about the very near future. We’ve been reminded once again that it is a faithful and caring God we serve! Several of you have given or pledged a special one-time gift this past week that has allowed us to make and win a bid on a house in Ukarumpa, the PNG branch headquarters. Hallelujah! We are able to pay for the majority of it in cash and then pay the rest off over the next two years. This is amazing!! We are grateful that you, our partners, have been used by God to provide for our family and to guide us into our next steps. We rejoice at the reminder that we are all in this together! Thank you for giving and for praying for God’s provision.

Our next step is to decide where to land once in country. Our tickets straight to Kokopo have been booked for a while now. We’ve been waiting expectantly for the chance to connect with Mamusi people there in town, purchase the vehicle Concord has raised money for, send Aaron to the village and back (to check on the translators and our house before bringing the family later), and then finally to launch our whole crew to the village from there in a few months. However, as we mentioned last week, the Kokopo center is closed for repairs and security upgrades for at least a few weeks. Paying commercial rates for a different safe place in town until the center is re-opened would greatly increase our cost of living.

We are considering just cutting our losses with the Kokopo flight and booking another flight into Ukarumpa. The advantage is we will now have a home to go to and launch from. However, there are no Mamusi friends there to connect with or minister to, and we’d be launching all the aforementioned steps from Ukarumpa instead, costing us more for travel and supplies.

Please join us the next few days in praying for clarity, direction, and peace as we not only decide the location question, but also finish packing and saying our goodbyes. Leaving is always hard and this is the longest duration we’ve lived in one place since we left Bedford, TX in 2014. We know our families would appreciate your prayers as our departure approaches.

You are loved and appreciated. Thanks again for being on this journey with us.


  1. Debbie · · Reply

    Congratulations on the new house in Ukarumpa. I will be praying for your next steps and for your family saying their good-byes.


  2. Kathy hardcastle · · Reply

    Congratulations on your new home! So happy for you.


  3. Valorie Manet · · Reply

    How exciting to have the house and still be able to acquire a vehicle!!! Prayers for your family as they say their goodbyes, I know Jim has enjoyed Silas in his class and will miss him. Prayers for a crystal clear direction for your next steps and for peace for those steps. We love you guys and pray for you and all you do to further the kingdom. Blessings


  4. Pat Crockett · · Reply

    Praying for clarity about your decisions and safe travel. So pleased that we at FBC have been able to help meet some of your needs. I am sad at your leaving Knoxville and find it hard to imagine the emotions your family must be feeling. Your family is continually in my prayers. Love You!



    What a praise – isn’t God good! Our God is a mighty God and He will provide both direction and protection as you return to PNG. We continue to pray for your safety as you travel and for wisdom, discernment, encouragement, sensitivity to God’s Spirit and GREAT JOY as you touch lives for His kingdom.

    To God be the glory!

    David Littlefield

    Romans 8:37-39


  6. Janet and Donald Trew · · Reply

    Praying for safety in travel. Thinking of your new adventures. May Jesus walk every step-by-step with you.


  7. Thank you everyone! We feel so blessed and cared for!


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