Thanks so much for your prayers over our farewells, travels, and arrival. We have made it to Ukarumpa and are getting settled into our new home here. God’s provision and direction to bring us here has been so powerful and exciting in our spiritual walk. Each of you has played a part in that, so thank you for praying and for walking with us.

Our new house in Ukarumpa

As we look to the coming months and how to make plans, please be praying over the security of the Kokopo Center, which was our primary home for much of our previous term in Papua New Guinea. We are looking forward to being able to go back there soon, since it is an excellent jumping-off point to get to our village.

Visiting Kokopo briefly in transit

Also, please pray for our village friends who are still mourning the loss of Papa Lawrence. We are asking God to allow His redemptive Grace and power to shine through during their feelings of loss. Please join us in prayer that He would be glorified in all we say and do and that He will provide a clear and safe way for us to be there again. Thank you friends, you are loved!

Celebrating Abel’s 11th, right after we arrived

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