January 2020 update

Hello dear ones,

We need your prayers! Your support as we serve in the ministry of Bible translation here in Papua New Guinea is absolutely crucial. May the Spirit encourage your souls to unite with ours in focused prayer over these next couple of weeks.

On January 21, Aaron will be flying to Sivauna to reconcile with the people there after our house was intentionally damaged back in July. We are thinking the trip will take 7-10 days. A good friend and skillful companion from Ukarumpa will be going with him. We’re deeply grateful for John Craig and his family’s support in our Mamusi ministry since 2015. Please pray for both the Wades and the Craigs during this time of separation. Also pray for Aaron’s back to heal quickly; he hurt it again this weekend.

We have been praying and seeking for a Mamusi leader from Kokopo to fly in with Aaron and John to help navigate relationships there. Will you please consider fasting and praying about the trip in a very specific way? Preemptively, you could pray for an appropriate Mamusi leader to be made known and to be able to go, as well as the logistical success of getting both Aaron and John (and someone else?) out there and back again with healthy, encouraged, and safe families at home. Or you could pray for the trip itself to be a time of healing and reconnecting with our village family. Pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire the Mamusi people to continue the work of Bible translation with us. We are praying God will send them a fresh passion, vision, and hunger for God’s Word in their language. Thanks for praying with us as we proceed. We are in desperate need of wisdom, provision, and light for the next step.

Our ministry has looked pretty different this past month, but we’re grateful God directed us here to Kokopo to help manage the Regional Center. We had a few days together for Christmas without any pressing facility needs, for which we were very grateful! Aaron’s been busy doing his best on repairs on the buildings, meeting the widely varied logistical needs, and focusing on relationships with the precious Papua New Guinean staff. They’ve been so patient with all the changes over the past several months while the center was closed and then reopened.

We’ve started back at homeschool, and the kids are doing great. Readjusting to life in the humid heat has gone pretty well. The occasional swim makes up for the daily sweating. Boaz is still not sleeping through the night, but he’s growing and learning every day! We’ll celebrate his 1st birthday right before Aaron leaves and then Silas’s 7th birthday right after he returns. These kids are the greatest gifts; thank you for praying over their souls with us. May you be exceedingly blessed for joining our family on this journey. You are loved, friends.

Ultimate frisbee!
Our happy place
Boaz: one year old next week


  1. Naomi Boone · · Reply


    Naomi Boone


  2. LuAnne Wade · · Reply

    Will be fasting and praying!! ❤️


  3. I can certainly emphathise with Aaron in terms of a wonky back. Mine has been rather grumpy for 4 day now. Praying for him, and for you and the children there in Kokopo, and for reconciliation to be sincere, and effective. Love, Lynn


  4. Veronica Robinette · · Reply

    Love reading your updates and seeing the pics of your family. Praying for safe travels for Aaron and his back…it can be so crippling at times. Also praying for clear wisdom and direction in all you do. Miss you all!


  5. Vickie Tranum · · Reply

    Praying for each of you! I can’t believe Boaz will be a year old! Your family is such a blessing to us! Love Mark & Vickie


  6. I’m in!


  7. Donald & Barbara Courtley · · Reply

    Always want to read you updates. We will be sure to pray specifically as you have mentioned. It helps so much to be able to focus on your needs. Lifting you all up. The Courtleys


  8. Judy Mentzer · · Reply

    Praying for you all. Love the pictures! Judy


  9. Grace Hartzog · · Reply

    Praying our Father’s protection, peace, and continued blessings on you and His work


  10. DeAnn Warfel · · Reply

    Praying for your sweet family!!!


  11. Cindy Lindsey · · Reply

    Praying and fasting for you guys! God bless!


  12. Love and prayers, sweet ones!
    God Bless you each and every day!


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