Sivauna Update

To our brothers and sisters,

Many of you have been fasting and praying over Aaron’s time in the village. Thank you! I wanted to give you an update.

I’ve briefly spoken with him twice since his arrival in Sivauna. The house has suffered very minimal damage, praise God! He and John had to replace some windows and have done a lot of other work with the hope our family will be returning very soon. Aaron had some conversations with WasMama and even our village brothers who did this while they were very upset about their father’s death. Many things are still a mystery to us about this culture, but we are forgiving and loving as Scripture has instructed.

In our first phone conversation, Aaron was hopeful that a meeting would happen this past week where he could share and talk with community leaders. While some people did come to a meeting one morning, the community leaders did not.

At this very moment, he is at an event where lots of leaders are gathered. Some of them are from other villages as well. Most of you are sleeping right now, but God is not limited by time. Pray for hearts that will listen. All of us know God is moving and working in lives and hearts for this translation ministry to move forward. Let’s pray the Holy Spirit will have His way when Aaron speaks. May dark voices and powers be pushed out of that place. May the veil of complacency be ripped aside. Aaron is not comfortable speaking, even in English, but he is the vessel, the voice, and the feet for the Lord and for all of our prayers right now. God, may Your Words and Your Message be spoken through Aaron today. Give them ears to hear whatever you want to speak through him. May their minds be full of Your message until they are spurred to unite behind this ministry.

I’d love to keep writing more, but the Wadelings need me.

We truly serve the God of Hope!

Eternally grateful for your prayers,



  1. Sandra & Lou · · Reply

    Praying continually for Aaron to win favor, ears to be open and hearts changed. Stamina and courage for Aaron to be God’s voice speaking. Our Father will surely give him the words to speak.
    Praying for you and the children to be healthy and safe with a spirit of obedience, cooperation and love for each other.
    Praying against the powers of darkness that will try and confuse and cause conflict.
    Our God is all able! We stand firm in the power of the blood of Jesus!


  2. Grace Hartzog · · Reply

    Father, you have this in your Hand. I pray safety, acceptance,strength, and courage for Aaron. I pray your love and protective care for Rebecca. Give her courage and may the children see your faithful hand over each one in this precious family. To You be the glory!


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