Special Announcement

We wrote in our last post about the exciting expansions on the horizon regarding the future of the Mamusi Bible Translation program. One of the things we’ve been working on since that trip is submitting a request for project funding separate from our family’s Wycliffe ministry budget. The needs of the ministry have far outgrown the percentage our family can personally afford to invest, especially since our cost of living increased when we moved from New Britain to Ukarumpa. We’re very glad to announce that our project budget proposal has been approved by our leadership here and by Wycliffe USA!

October 1 is when our new project budget year begins, and it marks a new and exciting phase of our ministry journey! As we celebrate this milestone together, would you pray with us that God will match up the right partners to join hands with us in supporting continued work in the Mamusi Bible Translation project? We’ve seen Him provide abundantly over and over again, and we are fully confident He has great things in store. We are proceeding with our plans to run a 4-week Translators Training Course in Sivauna village beginning October 12, in faith that enough funding will be in place by then to operate the course.

We are humbled and grateful by the faithful financial support we receive from so many of you. The Lord has blessed us consistently since our family joined Wycliffe in 2014. We’ve watched him use our partnership family to provide funds for our Sivauna house, our Ukarumpa house, the Sivauna car, other needs like a sat phone, innumerable supplies and gifts, computers, as well as two budget increases. Now we will transition to managing two separate budgets: our personal one, and the new project budget that will enable our work to expand without being limited by our personal budget.

Will you please prayerfully consider joining with the Mamusi Bible Translation project in prayer and/or financial partnership?

Giving to the project is a little different than giving to our Wycliffe ministry budget:

  • Project budgets are reviewed and updated every year, based on the stated goals of the project. So we will do fundraising a year at a time. Regular (monthly, annual, etc) gifts are welcome, but this is a great opportunity for ‘special’ or one-time gifts.
  • Funds given to the project in excess of the budget will be re-allocated to a similar project. The project can only use the amount we have budgeted.
  • Funds given to the project fund will be tax deductible for you, but we don’t need to pay income tax on it. So a higher percentage of the funds given go directly to the Mamusi translation ministry.

Other ways to help

Prayer: We truly believe in the power of prayer; we’ve seen it demonstrated in our life and ministry countless times. Many of you have been praying for our ministry with the Mamusi for years — thank you! The opportunities and challenges will keep growing along with the vision God has given to us and to the Mamusi community, so please continue to lift up this project, that at every step we will honor the Lord and point people to Him through the awesome power of His Word. If you need some inspiration, Wycliffe has some great resources on praying for Bible translation.

Advocacy: Do you know other people who might consider partnering with the project? Are you a member of a church or organization that might consider giving a one-time gift to support Bible translation? Help the Mamusi project by advocating in your spheres of influence. Share this page on social media, or better yet, send a link with a personal message to some people you know. (If you’re interested in advocating for us on a consistent basis, let us know – we may have a special role for you.)

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