Change of Plans

Loved ones,

We wanted to fill you in on some personal things that are affecting our plans. Rebekah has been experiencing significant limitations due to health problems over the last two months. After pursuing every option of treatment here, it’s been decided she needs to return to the US for treatment. International travel is complicated and difficult right now, so our family has all agreed that we should travel together in case our return to PNG is delayed. Our primary need right now is finding a place to isolate for about two weeks upon our arrival. If you have a place or know of a place in East TN, please let us know. If you don’t, please pray that God would provide. We’re in touch with a reliable travel agent that is familiar with all the complexities of getting missionaries to and from their assignment during this pandemic. We have two current options for leaving PNG: January 21 or February 18. Our kids started school today and are understandably having mixed emotions about all this. We can’t overstate our need for your prayers right now. We serve a good good Father who has us at peace. Thank you for loving us!


  1. Beth Trumbull · · Reply

    I will be praying. And I will begin asking today about places to isolate. If I can be of any further help, please ask me for food, errands, etc, once you arrive. I do not participate in and with social media any longer, so feel free to email me.

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  2. Tommye Bledsoe · · Reply

    Praying for all The Wade’s-asking God to give you wisdom about every move and all plans! He is holding each of you and we trusting Him for a victory ! Prsying especially for Rebekah’s health!

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  3. Praying now for a place for you guys. For travel, the hearts of your children, and especially for Rebekah’s health. God knows and sees. I am confident he has a place all worked out.

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  4. Emily Phillips · · Reply

    Praying for the Wade family in this time of need, to find accommodations for the family as Rebekah receives treatment. For wisdom for the doctors and healing for Rebekah. Trusting that God will supply and sustain you.
    I will keep my eyes and ears open to any possible housing available.
    Blessings to you.

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  5. I will be praying for a place and for health.

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  6. Keith and Charlene Barker · · Reply

    You are loved, each of you,and we are praying Gods’s direction and provision will be clear and perfect . Rest in all He has promised.

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  7. Praying for Rebekah’s health, the family and all the travel logistics. Contact me at your earliest convenience regarding potential accommodations. Love you guys!

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  8. jerribalkon · · Reply

    Will be lifting you in prayer for this unplanned trip home and a place for you to be able to ‘Quarantine’ for 2 weeks before you can even see your families again. Also, will be praying the health/physical problems that Rebecca is experiencing that has caused this unplanned trip home.

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  9. Mark Dobbs · · Reply

    Certainly I will be praying for your family!

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  10. megachurch2007 · · Reply

    Praying for you guys and will keep an ear and eye out for something.

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  11. Lynda Kay Wick · · Reply

    Sorry to hear this. Praying for our Father to take care of all the details and you feel His loving arms around you and leading you.


  12. Peggy Buchanan · · Reply

    You all are in our prayers for travel, lodging and health! May the Father go before you in each area! Love you guys!


  13. paulandbev · · Reply

    Praying for the Wade family – for Rebekah’s health, for travel, for guidance in a place to stay. Grateful for your testimony of peace, in the face of such challenge.


  14. Kevin Ironside · · Reply

    I live in Knoxville, TN and was told about your situation today. Please email me and we can communicate directly. I can definitely help with your quarantine time and possibly longer. I need a few more details so that we can make plans accordingly.

    Kevin Ironside


  15. Becky Gilbert · · Reply

    Lifting all of you up and Rebekah’s health. Prayers for safe travels. God bless🙏🏽❤️

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  16. Paul and Sheri Harris · · Reply

    We are praying for your sweet family and asking God to give you peace as you make travel plans. We know God already has everything worked out and praying for you as it unfolds. Love you all and praying for healing for Rebekah.

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  17. Cindy Lindsey · · Reply

    Praying for Rebekah’s health issues, accommodations and for the children. You are loved and prayed for often! God bless!

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  18. Prayers for seamless travel and accommodations for you. Prayers for Rebekah’s health and wisdom for physicians. God always has the perfect plan. Love to all


  19. Gail Taggart · · Reply

    If you are still looking for a place to stay please contact me.
    Gail Taggart
    Chairman of Mission Support Team
    Broadway Baptist Church
    Maryville, TN


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