January 2021 Update

We are writing this from a cozy house out in Madisonville, TN. God made it very clear that we needed to leave Papua New Guinea on the January flight. Though we only had six days to process and pack, God brought us here safely. We’ve felt your prayers for strength and guidance and are so grateful. Our kids have been amazing so far at sharing their emotions about this sudden change. Please keep praying for our hearts.

I, Rebekah, will be seeking a thorough diagnosis and treatment in February. Meanwhile I’m resting and continuing to adjust to my family caring for me.

Our hearts are heavily burdened, broken actually, for the work of Bible translation in Papua New Guinea. We had to postpone a literacy course and musical workshop to come back to the States. But if we didn’t trust our Father by now with our plans, what good would this journey together have done us? We’re grateful we were able to communicate with our Mamusi family before we left and explain the medical trip. They are praying with us for a speedy and complete recovery so we can return soon. Please pray for the three translation teams currently finishing the drafting of John. May the Spirit instruct, guide, and intercede for them as they keep plunging into the study of His Word. Pray also for all our fellow Bible translation laborers in PNG, both nationals and expats. May God keep bringing refreshment and strength to their spirits.

We have a big learning curve when it comes to doing life here in the States right now. May God keep guiding all of us to love and live biblically wherever we are.


  1. Praying for you guys in this transition and for wisdom to the docs for diagnosis and God our Great Physician healing.


  2. Mark W Dobbs · · Reply

    God is GOOD!


  3. So glad to hear that you arrived here safely! Considering the size of your tribe and the number of plane legs and airport transitions, that had to be quite the “adventure”. But you are no strangers to adventure, that’s for sure!

    Praying specifically for you as the medical issues are addressed, and for your family in making the adjustments here. The US has become a challenging place to live, culturally. Thank you for bring more Light to us!

    Please include us in the group of those who are willing to help in any way possible!

    Paul and Bev 865-548-6970


  4. Thankful you guys made it back safe. Praying for health and restoration for you and family.


  5. Paige Rittenhouse · · Reply

    Aaron and Rebekah, we are praying for you and your family during this time. We are praying for the Bible translation work that you are a part of and all the people and team members involved.


  6. Matthew McMillan · · Reply

    We are praying for you all. We’ve had our bouts with medical and emotional issues and know how draining they can be. Keep close to Christ. The wind and the waves churn, but Jesus is in your boat.


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