Heading Back

Friends, just a quick note to let you know we’re heading back to PNG in just a few weeks! Rebekah has received our medical clearance, and we purchased our return tickets today. We leave Tuesday April 27th, arriving to our house in Ukarumpa Friday the 30th. We’ll do 2 weeks of quarantine there, and then it will be back to normal life. Those are our plans, anyway, which we lay before the Lord in willing surrender. Please pray with us that His will would be done and His name honored in our every step.

We do hope to get out to Sivauna village for a short visit between the end of quarantine and the beginning of rainy season. We’d like to spend a week or so meeting with the translation team and language committee, hearing from them how we can be supporting their work. Another big desire we all have is to show the newly-finished JESUS Film in Mamusi in Sivauna and in as many villages as we can get to! We’re thrilled to have the completed film in hand and in time to carry it back to PNG with us. Click below for a brief clip from the resurrection scene:

We have the equipment already in the village to do public outdoor showings. We’d like to make the film available to people to play on their devices as well, and the best way to do that in PNG is to sell micro SD cards with the movie file pre-loaded. Please let us know if you’d like to be a part of providing this opportunity to our Mamusi friends.

Please pray with us over the next few weeks that travel arrangements would continue to come together, that our hearts would be at peace, that our bodies would be healthy, and that we’d see clearly the next steps that the Lord has for us.

Happy Easter!


  1. Hello Wade Family!

    Waiting is so difficult but, praise the Lord, His timing is always perfect! Yes, we will pray for your final preparations, your safety and a smooth transition. What great news regarding the Jesus film! May God orchestrate the necessary planning, coordination and timing for each showing. And may He prepare the hearts of those who attend to be receptive to Christ’s invitation. Our continued “thanks” for your commitment to the Lord and for all that you do in sharing Christ whenever/wherever possible!

    We love you!

    David Littlefield

    Romans 8:37-39

    P.S. Once again, give the precious children a “special” hug for us!


  2. Donna Thompson · · Reply

    We love you and pray for the arrangements and safe travels back.


  3. Cindy Doyle · · Reply

    We love and pray for your family continuously. May God reveal His divine path, and keep your family in His perfect will.


  4. Emily Phillips · · Reply

    Godspeed and God bless. It’s been great having you home. We will miss you.


  5. Wai Ling · · Reply



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