We’re headed to Sivauna!

Dear Friends,

Our family has arrived safely in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea! God be praised for working out those logistics. While we were in our 14 day quarantine, the country’s travel restrictions changed, making it possible for us to plan our next village trip much sooner than we thought possible. We’re leaving in the morning!

Our stay will only be about two weeks, but we can’t wait to show them the Jesus Film that so many people in their community worked on. The translation committee (a group of Mamusi who oversee decisions regarding translation work) will meet and decide the best way to distribute and show the film in as many villages as possible when rainy season is over. We will also be checking in to see how the translation teams are doing on their draft of the Gospel of John.

Rainy season has begun in Sivauna, which means our solar powered house will be struggling to put out the power we need to run our spin dryer, freezer, and computers to work with translators. Thanks for praying with us for some sunny times. We will have to show the Jesus Film outside at night, so let’s pray there are at least a couple of nice clear nights with no rain. We trust the Lord and His leading us to the village at this time, even if it turns out different than we hope. He is good. We plan on returning to Ukarumpa on June 14.

Many of you have been praying diligently for our children for over six years, and we’ll never thank you enough. Their hearts are weary of transition, but they are united and excited for this opportunity to see our Mamusi family for the first time in over a year. The last year has taught us that we cannot count on these opportunities like we used to, so we should seize this. Will you pray for our children’s hearts to love God more than anything else and to find their ultimate joy and satisfaction in Him? And of course, please pray for their physical health as we live in a remote location.

Judah graduated from primary school and will be starting school at the secondary campus in July!
This crew adventures so well together.

May God cover you with His unfailing grace, friends. May He remind you that He sees you and hears you because of His everlasting love.


  1. Naomi Boone · · Reply

    Excited with you!
    Prayers as requested.
    I would love to watch their faces as they watch the Jesus film for the first time. What a special film.
    God revealed in Jesus.


  2. Pat Crockett · · Reply

    Praying for you and the children.🙏🙏🙏 Sending lots of love and hugs❤️🤗❤️🤗


  3. dplittlefield · · Reply

    Thanks, Rebekah!

    Yes, your travels have been so challenging but God has been there every step of the way – what a comfort! Congratulations to Judah on his graduation! My, how he has grown! Other than praying for you/family, is there any personal need that you have?

    Our love to all!

    David Littlefield


  4. Gloria Irving · · Reply

    What a wonderful surprise and blessing Father had waiting for you all as you returned to PNG. So thankful for each of you and the work that you are doing. Congrats! Judah! We love you and will continue to lift your family and the work that you are doing to God in prayer.

    Gloria Irving


  5. Sandy McRae · · Reply

    I have to agree with Naomi. What a thrill it will be to watch your friends see the Film for the first time!! Praying for good weather to show and for the seeds to be planted and nurtured in their hearts.


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  7. Emily Phillips · · Reply

    Godspeed as you travel. He is good!
    Prayers for all.


  8. You are on my prayer list. I love you so much and im so grateful for every answered prayer in your behalf! Your children are SO very special, and I pray that every day that God will let them feel His presence and remind them that He is watching over them and guiding their lives. I know they are heading into a difficult time of their growth and I care so much for their every day frustrations! Thank you Wades for being faithful to the call! I love you! Your’e all my heroes!


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