January 2022 Update

Blessings in the New Year! Praise God for sustaining each of us through 2021 and for giving us hope for 2022. Our family enjoyed a very quiet and peaceful Christmas and New Year together here in Ukarumpa, our Papua New Guinea mission headquarters. This wasn’t our plan (we had planned on being in the village, but had to cancel our flight due to sickness), but it was what the Lord determined for us, which leaves us grateful.

The Mamusi Translation Committee decided to postpone the Jesus Film Launch until January 30, 2022.  We’ve been scrambling to find a way to get out to Sivauna to attend, but we’ve met with a number of transportation difficulties.  Since school is starting next week, our entire family cannot travel out there right now.  Again, we have faith that it’s for reasons beyond our understanding and can rejoice that we serve our sovereign Father, who holds it all together.

The exciting result of all this is that Aaron and Zeke (10) are finalizing a plan to get them to the village this week. They have to travel commercially instead of with our own mission aviation ministry, so it will take about three days to get there. Please pray with us over these travel logistics, as well as some margin during the trip for the two of them to have fun together. They won’t be able to take as much baggage as normal, but we know our village family will help meet their needs for food. They are planning on returning January 31.

The purposes of this trip are as follows

  1. To finish the second Translation Training Course that was cut short back in November by a COVID surge and the restrictions that followed. Please pray the students are all able to gather, attend, and complete the course without much advance notice.
  2. To take the next steps in getting their drafts of the Gospel of John tested and refined, so that the text can be checked by a Translation Consultant.
  3. To help launch the Jesus Film. The new date is 30 January, and we’re expecting a very large gathering in Sivauna of folks from all over the wider Mamusi community, as well as the presence of some distinguished guests. Please pray with us about communication and details surrounding this. It feels like it’s been such a long time coming, but we trust the Lord’s timing throughout this process.
  4. To gather information about the Mamusi social organization and structures, as well as the literacy situation, to complete our next set of academic papers. Throughout the translation process, we are required to continue researching various aspects of Mamusi society and culture, as this helps us understand how to produce the best possible translation that’s accurate as well as adequately contextualized. This is a really important part of the process that we tend to neglect in favor of other tasks.
  5. To communicate about and prepare for two upcoming training courses in March: Vernacular Creative Phonics and Guitar/Songwriting Techniques. Even while translation is going on, it’s critical for us to be investing in Literacy and Scripture Engagement efforts, so that the Scripture materials we produce are understandable and usable to the Mamusi population. These two courses, as well as several other activities on the horizon, will help us push forward in these areas. These aren’t our areas of strength, so we’re excited to take out Papua New Guinean specialists from Ukarumpa with us to help lead these efforts.
  6. Masters Degree Research! Aaron is studying and earning his Masters Degree so that he can serve other languages besides Mamusi as a Linguistics Consultant to support their translations. His Masters thesis is rooted in the Mamusi language, and he needs to collect more data to process.

This is a lot!  As our stateside assignment approaches in just 6 months, we are feeling the pressure to accomplish quite a lot during this short window.  Thanks so much for your prayers and gifts that support our family’s Wycliffe ministry.  You are a blessing to us.

Some of our best friends just left for furlough, so we’re taking care of their dog, Juno, while they’re gone.
Our community had some races, and the Wade men all did great!
Aubrey’s litter of five is healthy and growing!
Our littlest one is turning three this month! We’re not sure how that’s possible, but we sure do love him.
This guy will be NINE this month! We’re so grateful that he became a Christian just before Christmas!!


  1. Naomi Boone · · Reply

    Prayers. Love the pics and hearing about what you are involved in.


  2. Greg and Ruth Geiger · · Reply

    What happy faces – yours, too, Juno! Praying over your requests as you advance the kingdom.


  3. LuAnne Wade · · Reply

    Love and prayers!!! ♥️


  4. Becky H Creswell · · Reply

    A busy month and a busy next 6 months. Asking for each detail to be met above and beyond. Y’all look great.


  5. Shirley Allen · · Reply

    You’ll bless me so much knowing what you are doing going places I can’t go and doing things I can’t do. I hope to see you when you are state side and to give you a hug. You are loved and prayed for everyday. Blessings


  6. Grace Hartzog · · Reply

    Always love hearing from you. Love watching the children grow and mature. You are on my refrig and in my heart. Always praying our Father’s blessing upon you.


  7. Val Maner · · Reply

    Blessings and prayers for your family and the Mamusi people. Think of and pray for you often.


  8. dplittlefield · · Reply

    Hello Wade Family!

    Sorry to learn of the conflict in the projected plans but God must have had a reason for such. Yes, I will pray for Aaron/Zeke as they travel to the village – for their safety and opportunity to touch lives for God’s kingdom. And for Rebekah/children as they are away! May God prepare the hearts of those on the committee and provide guidance in all that is planned. I continue to praise God for your commitment to Him and for your desire to reach others for the Lord! May His presence be evident in all that you do and provide the necessary wisdom, discernment, encouragement, protection, sensitivity to God’s Spirit and GREAT JOY as you share Christ whenever/wherever possible.

    We love you!

    To God be the glory!

    David Littlefield

    Romans 8:37-39

    P.S. And a “special” hug for those precious children!

    On Sun, Jan 9, 2022 at 10:36 PM The Wade Journey wrote:

    > rebekahwade posted: ” Blessings in the New Year! Praise God for sustaining > each of us through 2021 and for giving us hope for 2022. Our family enjoyed > a very quiet and peaceful Christmas and New Year together here in Ukarumpa, > our Papua New Guinea mission headquarters. Thi” >


  9. Your newsletter is rich with details about life for a family on the field. First, congratulations on capturing so many bodies in one selfie. Life there has so many challenges for activities that we take so much for granted over here. You seem to adjust to the challenges with such a great attitude, which is such a great inspiration for us. My head explodes every time I think of navigating those difficulties as a family of 8 (plus animals)! Thanks for the opportunities to pray, and the details of your ministry there!

    Praying blessings, strength, and patience for your continuing journey.

    Paul and Bev Standifer


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