Aaron and Rebekah Wade have 6 children and have committed to following the Lord wherever He leads, whenever He leads.  Joining with Wycliffe Bible Translators, they have journeyed across the world to Papua New Guinea to pierce the darkness with His Word.

The Wade family is contributing to the massive work of Bible translation among the Bibleless people of Papua New Guinea, particularly with the Mamusi people of East New Britain province. They still need people on their ministry team who will commit to praying for each member of their family and for the work the Lord has given them. They also need partners who are just as committed and passionate about meeting the significant financial needs associated with the Wades’ work on the field. Wycliffe is a faith-based mission, meaning the Wades rely directly on the Holy Spirit working through their financial partners to give to Wycliffe so that their Wycliffe ministry can continue. Team Wade is on the move following the Lord, and they invite you to join in!

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  1. Edward D and Carolyn S Harrow · · Reply

    Hi Wade family. I was recently looking at the Wycliff Web Site after having your name sent to us by Larry and Connie Lovell. It was exciting and heart felt to see the read about the work you are doing in PNG. I also noted that you might be in somewhat of a transition at this time. would like to contact you further to find out what you are doing at this time and to understand your prayer needs. Blessings. Ed and Carolyn Harrow


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