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Village living report, part 3: Perspective

Now that we’ve been back from our village experience for several weeks, we’re remembering our experience with nothing but great fondness. As we mentioned before, we’re thankful even for the challenges that allowed us to stretch and grow in new ways. Here are some of the meaningful object lessons we learned, with some photos/videos to illustrate.

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Village living report, part 2: Practice

Now’s the time to explain how everything worked, logistically.  We know you’re wondering what we did all day.  Some of the everyday things we take for granted in the West become difficult or impossible without power or running water.  We were challenged in numerous ways, both expected and unexpected.  But like most challenges, the Lord […]

Village living report, part 1: People

We have wrestled with the best way to adequately explain our three-week experience in Zumanggurun. It’s impossible to describe the many facets of life there, so we will be breaking it down into three topical posts: people, practice, and perspective. Our previous studies of Papua New Guinean culture showed that relationships hold supreme value in […]

 Village overnight

Last weekend we hiked with one other family into a Gadsup-language village called Moropa to stay overnight. This was our last baby step before our big 3-week village stay, which is the culmination of our orientation course here. The Papa (patriarch) of the family we stayed with is the big man of the village and […]

POC Update

Hello friends! We trust God is proving Himself faithful to equip you to fulfill His purpose for your lives. We’ve now completed four weeks of our 9-week Pacific Orientation Course. We’re learning about Papua New Guinean culture as well as the main trade language, Tok Pisin. This is the language of wider communication throughout a […]