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Well, this photo (courtesy of KristeNicolePhotography… love her!)  just about sums it up:  a whirlwind. Things are rapidly accelerating to a hectic pace.  We are both up to our ears in homework and studies.  I can’t even remember which pile of laundry is clean and which is dirty and don’t ask me where I put those shot […]

Equip Onsite – Part 2

Well, we’ve made it through Week 1 of Equip. What a whirlwind! Everyone’s been feeling well for the last several days – praise the Lord! Our training sessions have covered topics like staying spiritually refreshed, essential attitudes for missionary success, moral purity, the translation process, support roles in the organization, parenting MKs, and the partnership […]

Equip Onsite – Part 1

After a 30-hour journey from DFW, we arrived at Wycliffe USA very late last night to begin Equip Onsite.  We’ll be here for 2 weeks training with several other singles and families, all preparing for service in the next two years. The drive was fun and excruciating in turns; check out our pictures on Facebook. […]


We are so excited to announce that our membership with Wycliffe is now official!  Woo-hoo!  Yesterday, we each received our own version of the following… Dear Aaron and Rebekah, It’s my privilege to inform you that on 08/20/2013 you were officially accepted as members of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA. We have made the following note […]

The Waiting Continues

No word back yet from the Papua New Guinea team on whether they’re going to invite us to join them. We’ve started the process of putting together our Pre-field Comprehensive Plan, but many (most) of the elements of that plan hinge on whether we’re being sent there or somewhere else. We feel like we’ve been […]