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Every believer has the mandate from Christ Himself to go into the world and make disciples.  The Wade family have accepted the call to go, so their assignment is to contribute to the work of Bible translation among some of the hundreds of language communities that still lack access to Scripture in the Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea.  There is so much work to do, and the Wade family – even in their vast numbers – simply cannot do it alone.  They trust themselves and their work to the guidance and timing of the Holy Spirit, and He’s given them the opportunity to partner with people like you who can contribute in your own ways to this crucial work.

First they need a large and ferociously committed prayer support team.  They need people who will commit to praying consistently for each member of their family; they need partners who will pray for the work they’re doing; and they need warriors that will fervently intercede for the Bibleless people not only in Papua New Guinea but all across the world.

Then they need partners who will be just as committed and passionate about meeting the significant financial needs associated with their work on the field.  As Wycliffe missionaries they are faith-based, which means they rely directly on the Holy Spirit working through their financial partners to meet our physical needs.  The Wades invite you to pray dangerously with them in faith, and they challenge you to give in a way that excites you.  Team Wade is on the move following the Lord, and they invite you to join in.

Click here to join Team Wade.

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