Want to send something?

If you’re considering sending something to our family, thank you!  God has generously provided for our basic needs, but any extra treats arriving by mail bring much excitement and joy to the Wade house!  If you’d like a little direction on what to send, please read below.

To give you an idea of time, packages and letters using USPS will take a couple months to get to us.  If we happen to be in our Mamusi village, then we will either wait and open it when we return to our base, or arrange a drop off.

IMPORTANT:  Please clearly label any package you send with “GIFTS” on the outside and on the declaration form so we do not get charged duty fees.


  • Meaningful Clothing!  If the kids were involved in your kids ministry or some other program (homeschool, choir, sports, bible school, etc.) they would love to receive a new T shirt you’ve designed for your ministry.  Rangers, Vols, and Titans hats or clothing would also be loved.
  • Cards! Personal, hand written notes, and signatures go a long way to help the kids (and grownups!) feel connected to you.
  • Photos! If our kids have made memories with you, your ministry, or your family, and you’ve got a photo to prove it, they would truly love and benefit from this physical reminder to put in their memory books.


  • Sharpies! Black or metallic, any size
  • Other stuff!  We occasionally add things to our family Amazon wish list that we think of. Amazon won’t ship directly to us, but you can have it delivered to you and send it to us via USPS. We have a separate wish list for translation program needs as well. Personal wish lists are linked below.



PO Box 1(66)
Ukarumpa, EHP 444
Papua New Guinea

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